Start Loving My New Activity

1 Nov

It’s almost one month since I have new routine activity in the morning. At first, I thought this kind of activity is a little bit hard for me as a working woman. Well…I’m not typically career woman who can not doing such a house work, but cooking…I don’t think it’s so me ;p

Basically, I just don’t like cooking. Pak Ie never ever asked me to cook for him. But the fact that his stomach is having so many problems has encouraged myself to start cooking. I’m not good in kitchen but at least I know how to cook. When I stay abroad for more than 5 years, I never faced any difficulties in cooking even the menu is so so…. 😀

So, when the doctor advised Pak Ie to take a very good care to his food seriously, I decided to give myself a try to cook for him. Every food Pak Ie eats should be a homemade food. There should be a rice in every Pak Ie’s meal. So, for breakfast I can not just cook a pancake, a toast, an omelete, etc. I’d rather give Pak Ie a rice and fried egg than a tuna sandwich. Sounds easy, right? Yes, cooking for breakfast is easy! Then, I also cook for Pak Ie’s lunch. The menu is still the simple one, it’s so Ratna’s style 😀 The important thing is there must be a vegetable, even it’s just a spinach or ‘oyong’. Sometimes, I added a light snack for Pak Ie, such as a jelly or a bread.

Actually, preparing Pak Ie’s meal in the workday used to be done before. But since my work load became harder and the traffic got worse, I’m too tired for cooking when I reach home. Now, the work load and the traffic are still the same, but I try to arrange my time. All I need is just taking a shower and doing make up faster so that I have enough time in the kitchen 😀

It seems hard before I try, but now I really enjoy it! I don’t know if I can cook everyday or not, but I do my best to cook Pak Ie’s meal as much as I can. I intend every thing I do for Pak ie as a worship, because that’s what a wife supposed to do. I believe if we do anything for a good reason, and we’re doing it happily, it will be easy for us to do 🙂



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